This is an opportunity for you to ask questions about issues that affect single parents and our team of expert advisers will respond at the end of the month with tailored advice. When the session is open, the form will be accessible below.

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  • Please note that your question and answer will be published here publicly.
  • Our advice service covers England and Wales only. If you live in Scotland, please contact One Parent Families Scotland on 0808 8010323. If you live in Northern Ireland, and would like information about benefits or tax, please contact ‘advice NI’ via their website or their helpline 0808 802 0020. For general parenting enquiries in Northern Ireland, please contact Parenting NI on 0808 8010 722.
  • Are you the main carer? Our advice team are trained to advise the parent with the main or equal care of the child. We can also support those who may become a single parent or have questions on behalf of a single parent. If you don’t look after your child most of the time, you can read our factsheet for other organisations who can help.
  • Information can date – The advice provided here is accurate at the time of the session; however the information may have changed since then. For the most up to date information please look at our advice and information section.
  • Your question may already be answered - often someone else has had a similar problem so it’s worth reading through previous sessions. To help make this easier we are building a list FAQs. So far available are:
  • Urgent query? It takes a few weeks for the answers to be posted up so if you have an urgent advice query you can phone our single parent helpline on 0808 802 0925  

Answers to your questions in September

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for the most recent Ask an Adviser session. You can read these here:

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October Ask an Adviser session - now closed